Robert M. Downey P.A.’s Client, APS BioGroup, Wins 2011 Presidential “E” Award

The Intellectual Property law firm of Robert M. Downey, P.A. is proud to announce that its client, APS BioGroup, was awarded the Presidential “E” award.

United States Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, presented APS BioGroup with the 2011 Presidential “E” Award for their significant contributions to increasing United States exports.

APS BioGroup has increased their exports by over 400% in the last three years and now exports their colostrum products to 26 countries.  Bob Davies, President and CEO of APS BioGroup, said; “We are very proud to receive this award and to do our part to increase US exports.”

The Presidents “E” Award was created on December 5, 1961 by Executive Order of President Kennedy to award recognition to persons, companies or organizations who contribute significantly to increasing United States exports.

With three continued years of  export expansion, APS BioGroup will be eligible for the Presidential “E Star” Award.

Bob Davies and Dr. Andrew Keech receiving the award in Washington DC


About APS BioGroup

APS BioGroup is a diversified producer of health products. They are the largest supplier of colostrum products in the world, a respected contract manufacturer of health products, and a producer of propriety and patented colostrum-based products.  For more information, visit

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