Our Client, John Cogburn, Teams Up with Globe Medical Tech, Inc.

┬áThis firm is proud to announce that our client, John Cogburn, has teamed up with Globe Medical Tech, Inc. of Houston, Texas to produce John’s Crime Scene Trace Evidence (CS/TE) Preservation Gloves. Globe Medical Tech and John Cogburn are currently working on the development of several versions of the CS/TE Preservation Gloves and the first usable version has now been completed. John Cogburn is a Florida law enforcement Detective and has many years of experience in conducting homicide and death investigations. Initial feedback indicates that there will be a worldwide market for the CS/TE Preservation Gloves with a high demand for the product throughout law enforcement, from police vehicles and coroner/medical examiner’s offices to ambulances, hospitals and prison/jail correctional facilities.

To learn more, visit here.

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