The FlatBox Lunch Box

The Boca Raton Intellectual Property Law firm of Robert M. Downey, P.A. is proud to

announce that its clients, Rita Floyd-Vester and Csaba Vester of Solvetta, LLC, won the

Innovation Award at the 2013 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago this past March.


As an elementary-school teacher and mother of three, Rita couldn’t help but notice the

inevitable, whether it be in her home or her classroom- when one kid got sick, the others

were sure to follow.


Rita started doing some research and read a study that found the germiest place in

school was not the water fountain or restrooms, but the cafeteria (turns out there’s

something scarier in there than the Monday Meatloaf Surprise). She entertained a few

options, but kept coming back to the idea of a lunchbox that could fold out to become a

placemat, keeping kids’ food and fingers away from the grimy table surface.


Rita and her husband Csaba started experimenting with different boxes to try and find

a shape that would work, and then, the answer came- literally- in a dream. Rita awoke

at 1 am, thinking of the petals of a flower. She grabbed an old shirt, cut out a pattern,

pinched the ends together and… that was the beginning of the FlatBox-LunchBox.


The design went through many changes along the way, including Csaba’s idea to add

zippers. Rita’s mother-in-law lived in Hungary, and Rita sent her the design so she

could create the first 15 prototypes. Rita took these to her school, where the kids gave

her great, honest feedback- and she saw how excited they were about the concept.


Rita knew they had a product with promise, so she and Csaba took the prototypes to

the International Home + Housewares show in Chicago this past March. Though she

describes their little booth as “wedged in between bigwigs like Oxo and Kitchenmaid,”

the FlatBox-LunchBox got noticed. So much so, in fact, that of the hundreds of products

there, it won the show’s 2013 Innovation Award.


With their patent pending, the washable, heat-resistant food-carrying container is

headed great places. Hopefully, that includes a cafeteria near you!


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